My prayer for minute by minute soberity

For nothing matters right now than to give my life to you God. I must surrender to You; fall on my knees and pray that you will keep me sober. I can’t do this by myself, I have tried but failed. You alone oh God are the One who will save me. I have to depend on You my whole life. Right now this process is minute by minute. I hope in the long run it won’t be but if it is, give me the strength to not pick up the glass and to stay dry. I know there will be times throughout my life that I may not feel you but please, when I do feel you, let it be enough that I can stay strong when I feel that you are absent. Take my heart oh God, take this sobriety, take this mental torture and the longing for escape and lead me to the healing power of you.

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One Response to My prayer for minute by minute soberity

  1. snowgood says:

    One of our best friends is in a similar “place”. The bottle respects no one, may your dependence on God grow, and your “history” fade with each day. God bless you.

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