After 6 and a half years of a drinking career, my two weeks of sobriety is here.

Three years ago I would not have pegged myself as an alcoholic…here I am;
coming home from an AA meeting; running to the shower so I don’t drink the
beer that may have been left in the refrigerator. I did not even want to

I tried very hard to stay awake at the meeting tonight. I take sleeping
pills to sleep at night because my whole system is messed up. I have seen
something good come from my sobriety, my face has cleared. I’m sure from
the thousand of calories I drank most nights I may be dropping some pounds.
I guess the most important thing that has come from this is my ability to
feel like I am going to jump off a mountainous bridge (and don’t) because
no matter what is going on in my world I want a drink (and I DON’T).
Anything that has gone wrong these last few weeks multiplies that feeling.

I have not drunk liquor. I do not drink.

I can do this.

I feel badly that I had to ask my family to remove the beer from the
refrigerator so that I am not tempted to drink it when they are not home.
Their response: It’s ok, that’s what we are here for. Beer would have been
my last choice but not given any at this point I could go for it; I have
come so far…I won’t. God help.

If anyone reading this is an alcoholic, does this get better? Will I stop
questioning if I am sober every damn morning when I wake up? Questioning if
I am sober enough to get to where I need to go?
God, thank you for keeping me sober today.

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3 Responses to After 6 and a half years of a drinking career, my two weeks of sobriety is here.

  1. thrivingsoul says:

    You are sober since you have not drank. Even if you crave it, you are sober. You may always crave it, however it is just an evil temptation that you will need to resist. You are doing awesome! Keep it up and you will fulfill all of your aspirations in life. Eventually you will discover the true beauty on Earth from birds chirping to flowers blooming to insects crawling on the sidewalk to unconditional love. You will notice every detail in the beauty that life has to offer. Most Importantly, you will discover every beautiful detail about yourself. You will glow like the sun! You will create growth in life on this Earth, in your life, and in others.

  2. Doug Gould says:

    How many calories do you think you have saved so far?

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