(Soberity) Life or (Alcohol) Death Post for 4/23/11


I told a person in my life that I had fallen for (a while back) who has
meant a lot to me for quite some time that I no longer have feelings for
that person. My heart and mind is focused on nothing more than sobriety and
God. This is life or death; TRULY!

Life or Death: In the meeting tonight many people mentioned that getting to
a place where they had no choice but to fallow that 12 steps of AA because
it was life or death for them and they wanted to LIVE.

Thank you God for keeping me sober today.

My life had become life or death. My life is still life or death, I have to
keep going. I am pretty sure if I went back to the bottle it would kill me,
I would kill me. Now I have this program, a new family and friends who have
been where I am at and know what I am going through, I won’t give up. Most
importantly I am finally “seeing” God, more than I ever have. I am so far
away, I hardly see His light but I know the more I grow and heal and stay
sober through God at some point I will not only see His light but maybe
even feel it.

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