Dismembering: Alcohols middle name

Being an alcoholic fucking sucks.

I have surrendered all of my finances to a financial manager. I took out so many payday loans I can’t even count them… And when I was drunk. I am in debt thousands. Luckily they seem to be working with my financial manager. Lets add the years of old bills that have some how caught up to me: medical, credit cards, banks, other loans, family, car, cell phones…. And at the same time having wages garnished.

Lets also take into the countless times I should have died from using and drinking  throughout the last 7 years. I say 7 because it was nearly 7….7 it is. The thing about using is that I made sure I had alcohol with it. No matter what, I had to have alcohol. The drugs were “great” when I had them but didn’t matter much because I always had to have the one thing that mattered most. Here is where it has led me.

If you’re an alcoholic figure out your shit. Remember if you are not an alcoholic, only the alcoholic can decide to heal. No person in this world will be able to make an alcoholic stop drinking.

This is just a small example of the horrible things the killing disease of alcohol can cause…I got this chance to start…I let a lot of my life go to this disease. I looked at it as fun most of the time but I truly knew deep down I was dismembering my body, heart, mind and more importantly my soul.

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