I have felt this peace about me

Someone informed me last night that when I don’t write they get worried.
Thank you for caring so much. The love I have just through blogging is

Since Sat I have felt this peace about me. It’s nothing like serenity but
it’s a calm in my soul. I thank God for it and I pray when I realize I
still feel it that God will allow me to stay here in this place. I was
thinking this morning about how I ask God for things in my life-like:
Please keep me safe, please keep my family safe, please don’t let me lose
my job…… Those are all good but I realize for me to get out of myself I
need to continue to say, God Your Will not mine be done. If I pray for His
will then no matter what happens I will be ok and I am not putting
expectations on Him, that leaves a great opportunity to blame Him or
someone else for that matter if something does not go “MY” way.

I never though I would be talking about God in my life, so openly, sharing
how He (as I feel and see it) is bring me to life. I think about you who
read this and if the mention of God turns you away…If it does that’s
ok…I never through the direction of my life would be where it is right
now 68 days ago.

I went to bed last night meditating to some beautiful music to help me fall
asleep and I started to hire God. I have hired him to restore me back to
sober living, service of myself and for his protection.
I realize that this feeling I have had these last few days may not stick
around but for right now I am trying to calm my mind and be a sponge to
this moment, for all I have is what is right in front of me.
Thank you God. Thank you Readers.

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