alcoholics that don’t make it: 5 out of 7…God help me make it.

Well, here I am…siting here listening to classical music, enjoying the quite time before I go to bed. I feel like crying so hard. Listening to soft classical piano music helps me feel, deep down.

I really had a great day with my family and friends. We had a nice holiday of BBQ and watching the baseball game. My “father” even got a six-pack of root beer for me, so I can drink like the pros ;0)

Fuck this sucks. I know I am not alone. The percentage of alcoholics who don’t make it through this disease is 5 in 7. God I hope I am one of those few that make it, I don’t want to die from this liquid of death.

Boy, my only job right now is to be sober; the other things are perks to living a sober life and the shit are perks that I can turn away from a drink and be strong, me and God.

Thank you God for my friend, Lady Lump…She is my sister and my cheerleader. Thank you so fucking much. I love you!

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