I truly did not think I was going to get through this weekend

The night before day 90…wow. CRAZY.

To be honest with you, I truly did not think I was going to get through this weekend. I made it. Today felt better than the last week. Fuck this last week has sucked. I can’t believe I made it but I did, thank you God. I felt the yearning of alcohol in every cell in my body. I cried and slept when I had time to and I tried to remember to pray…. I did some AA work.

My new job is going well. I love being outside and talking to people.

Tomorrow morning I am going to take my new car in for a used car that will have a shorter loan term and hopefully lower monthly payments. At this point I am just thankful for the fact that I have a car. Again, like my old car, I am not able to put my name on the car quite yet due to my credit. I am actually doing very well at getting my credit up. I went back and forth with this situation, I love my car, it’s my dream car….But my real dream is to make it thought this life alcohol free. God willing. 

I will let you know how the car goes.

Thank you GOD for keeping me sober. Fuck, this has been hard. I have almost made it to 90.

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