I adopted a soldier last week

I am sitting in my room, I love my room, watching Body Of Lies.

I am enjoying myself tonight, alone, not drinking.

I adopted a soldier last week and got his info today. I wrote him a quick email and a letter today that I will send tomorrow. I adopted a soldier because I want to overcome my prejudice I have because of my previous marriage to a military man. As I have written before, I now see that I was just as dysfunctional in our marriage than he was. I want to move on and be compassionate. I think writing to a soldier about comedy and what’s going on in the states and things like that will help me get out of my mind while opening my heart to heal from the thought that all military men are assholes and let go of the hurt I fell. The pain of my marriage failing is still there. It’s slowly going away but I still feel it. A big part of the pain was when my xhusband was in Iraq and I was here waiting for him. We corresponded everyday. I watched the news to make sure his name was not mentioned. I could not watch any military movies, especially movies based in/about Iraq or Afghanistan. I will never forget the joy I felt when I got a calls from him. There were times he stood in line for the phones for three hours just to talk to me for 5 minutes. We emailed 10 times a day, back and forth. I would make him say silly things over the phone and I knew there were other soldiers near him that heard, it embarrassed him, but he loved me so he did it. I will never forget what it was like when he got home. The welcome home ceremony was amazing. I guess he spotted me first when they marched in. Through all of the chaos I finally saw him swimming his way through the sea of people and run up the bleachers to me. It was amazing.

But, the joy of the marriage did not last long: two alcoholics, both with major PTSD and other issues ….It was great while the joy lasted, great.

Needless to say, I think writing to a soldier I will never meet and I have no idea who he is and where he is will create a positive experience for me with the military while showing my support, like I once did. I am excited for SGT to get my little letter.

Thank you God for this experience, You have blessed me so much.

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