I am going to have to get a new sponsor

I think I am going to have to get a new sponsor. My sponsor has become very negative. I believe I am doing well and I am continuing with the program. I understand she has been struggling with her sobriety…I feel like she is transferring her emotions and inner demons onto me. She told me, “If I were you I would b drinking.”

Fuck you is what I have to say to that. Last Sunday we planned to sit down for 6 hours and go through my 5th step and after just a few minutes she told me she wanted us to take some quiet time because she was not fully present. It ended up that she was not present enough to go through the step with me so she sent be back to do a fourth column on my 4th step.

I was on a business trip this week….I called her and let her know that I’m not done and I have to travel again on Monday so this weekend wont work for me…..

I will finish the story later because I am meeting an AA friend at Starbucks to talk before my meeting. The rest of the story is definitely worth reading.

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