Done dating an AA guy

So the guy I was seeing is no more. I am ok with this but it ended so abruptly. I am not sure what to think. Just happened….He was also helping me through my steps….I need to find someone else again. I pray God will help me find someone who can give me the time and knowledge that I need. I will not let this take me away from my sobriety and relationship with God.

Perhaps I am not ready to date. I know I need to focus on what I have going on in my life, the beautiful things like God and my relationship with him, the program and the people in my life who love and support me.

I really do feel sad though. I really cared for this man. He and I have known each other for quite some time…..

This is the email I sent him:

Message body

hum. Well I am not sure what to think right now. Is this because I disagreed with you? You have been arguing with me about compatibility and that things are “well” and now DONE. Sorry I got off the phone like I did, I was quite in shock. You know I think it is quite an irrational decision given 10 min had passed since our last discussion….I respect where you are coming from.
I’m not writing because I am arguing your decision…I am utterly confused. As you know I have very strong feelings for you and from what you have told me you do for me; how did that change in a matter of minutes? I’m ok with this if this is what you need. I would like more of an explanation if you would not mind.
Please don’t avoid my phone calls. I am not going to be nasty, I feel as though I would like a conclusion to this. I am very uneasy at how this ended, so quickly and in such a way I feel totally stunned. Please call me and talk to me about where you are at. I am in no way “begging you” for anything. I would like a conclusion if you would oblige. Please call me back tonight if you can…..I think it would be nice.
I have to focus. This is a blessing in disguise I am SURE.
God PLEASE help me. Help me let this go and show me the way. I love you.
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