Monday was five months for me. What an amazing thing that five months has brought me here. I have been making 3-6 meetings a week. I have gotten an AWESOME promotion at work and I still love my job. I go to church on a regular basis which is helping me tremendously with my faith and trusting in God. I have an incredible boyfriend that I could see spending my life with….time will tell…..God’s will be done. He is a normie which is GREAT. He is a good man.

I have other shit going on right now and my instinct is not to drink…it’s to keep working with my sponsor, go to the meetings, stay involved with my aa friends, do well at work; and here I am. sing

My dad is dng. My dog is dyeing and my grandpa may be pas away soon too.

God, take care of me and those who cry out your name,.

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