I’m sorry!

I’m sorry. I am not telling you this because I want us to be together…you know I do but I think you also know that I know this is right. I really did fall for you, in some crazy (quarter life crisis) awesome kind of way. I can say it was funny. I will leave you alone and I apologize for the shit I put you through in such a short amount of time, you are amazing and I am so thankful you have been in my life.

I am sure as you are reading this you look at what we had like a highschool relationship, but I didn’t. I am so sorry. I sucked you into my shit. The only thing that matters is soberiety…which will lead me to God.

Thanks for coming to church with me…I know you loved it (i know you hated it) :0)-

And for the sweet lovin’, you are still so sexy to me but I was out of my mind….

Sorry you felt molested :)——————

You really have become my closest friend in sobriety, which is probably in turn why I freaked out.

Who the fuck knows.

Someone in my meeting today chaired about the harsh reality of the alcoholics analytical mindset: something I am working on overcoming….unfortunately it’s Simon steps (get it? I am comparing baby steps to Simon steps because he is such a cute little baby)….I am ridiculous for loving a guinnie pig like I do.

And the sport you love is pretty fucking sexy, I’m just sorry I couldn’t see you ride. You will have to friend me some day on facebook and let me know how it went. You better not get hurt…I’ll come over there and kick your ass (your sexy ass)

Your great lover and always will be. Night. Thanks for helping me!!!

When you get around to it, drop off my damn shows sometime (sneak up, I don’t want to know you are here) and leave them on the porch…. I would pick it up but I don’t want to see you; I would react by wanting to do what we talk about all the time in the car (while you are driving none the less) and over step your boundaries.

love u!

Ok, i’m done. seriously, have a good life!

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