I lost the baby

I started to have a miscarriage yesterday. I took work off today….I needed a me day. I ended up going to my noon meeting that I love and spent the whole day with my sweet man. I had a very relaxing day… My friend who lost half of his foot is in a rehabilitation center to recover from the amputation…today was one of the best  days I have had in a very long time. I called this friend my AA Brother before but the bond we have is so deep, I love the guy. From now on I will call him Nicko.

I feel so sad, yesterday was pretty bad for me. When I got home from work I found out my “mom” had a stroke. I did not drink last night but for a few minutes I greatly contemplated it. Instead, I saw my sponsor and called my good friends and relaxed. I feel so sad about losing the baby. I was preparing to make a life for myself and the little guy. Any who, God’s will. This whole situation really changed me. I have a lot of shit to do and now is the time.

Fuck I need to grow up. I am working very hard at my new job, the potential to make 6 figures is there but I need to work my ass off. I need to get my own place soon and pay off my car.


God, thank you for keeping me sober. Please be with the alcoholics that still suffer!

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