ER visit…UGH

I ended up going to the ER this morning. I was going to go last night but I decided to wait until the morning to see if the pain got better, but it didn’t. I was in so much pain I was having trouble breathing because of the pain in my breasts. The shit my body is going through is because of the miscarriage. I’m doing ok. Today was another rough one.

My mom ended up taking me to the ER (my real mom. She and I have an amazing friendship now. She is my friend more than a mom. My grandma (“mother”) got home from the hospital today. The doctors said she did not have a stroke like they thought, the assumption is that it was some of the medication she was put on. Needless to say they changed her meds so I hope this does not happen again.

This probably sounds crazy (if it does what the fuck ever), I named the baby. I had a STRONG feeling the baby was a boy. I named him Gavin James.

Thank you God for teaching me something through this!

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