I told her about the pot

I just told my sponsor about the pot. I needed to. I have been smoking for three months.

I have been lying to you, my readers and support. I started to think I have to be honest about it to understand the truth about what role it plays in my life….if it should at all?

I have been doing a lot of comedy shit lately. My first night doing stand up was two Friday’s ago and I kicked ass. The atmosphere there is pot and some of them drink. I have not had a drink. Now, when I am going in to the bar I smoke a half a bowl and I don’t care it’s there. The pain from my RA feels relieved for the most part and my mind slows down; I feel like it is always racing.

I need to figure out the truth about this in my life.

I have been praying more. I have still been going to church. My job is hard as fuck so it’s going ok. I go to bars and don’t drink. The problem is that I have not been to many meetings in the last few weeks…….fuck. I hope to spend my weekend going to a few meetings and getting things done around the house.

Will pot be involved? I don’t know.

I have the house to myself. The people I live with are gone for the next three weeks. I am enjoying my alone time.

it’s nice to write again

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