I told my dad

I told my dad about me smoking bud.

The last few weeks I have been dating this guy here and there.

My comedy is coming along.

I have alienated myself from a lot of people now that I told most of the people closest to me about smoking. I think I am doing alright.

I have not been going to meetings. I feel like I am a hypocrite. I told a few people. I am dating someone.

My job is not going too well. It’s very hard. I think if I don’t do well this week I am done there.

I have times that I trust in God and other times when I feel so far away and stubborn to let go of my fucking want’s.

I am scared but dealing well.

I lie a lot. I fucking hate it. Sometimes it’s better being alone.

I have not drank…rearly want to.

I like being alone

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