Letter to my stepmom

HIIIIIII! My cell is old (3 or 4 years) and it’s finally going to electronic haven. I am doing well though. Not sure when I will get a cell but I am ok right now…I need to spend the money I make on paying off my car. Speaking of which!!! I don’t think I thanked you enough for the support you and dad gave me by sending me money. I spent it wisely( I think you might be proud)! I actually was able to make an extra months payment on my car, so for the next few months all of the money I put to the car will go towards the principal. So THANK YOU!


I am sure you guys have not talked to my sister. She is not in a good place right now. She got demoted and all sorts of shit happened. She is in her self-destructive mode. Unfortunately she is a lot like my mom emotionally so I have completely backed off; I have not seen Carter since Thanksgiving. When I talk to Angie she’s freaking out, crying or saying some pretty messed up shit and I can hear Carter in the background. I always ask to talk to him if he’s there, I think he may be starting to have some emotional shit happen to him and I now realize there is nothing I can do. I won’t be mean or angry towards her…I just won’t have much to do with her from now on. Some day I will make amends to her about the shit in the past but right now I need to continue on this path of sobriety and zeal for life.


My mom is moving toAlabamain three or four months. I am so excited for her to be gone. I don’t think I want to ever talk to her again after she is gone from this state. I feel this way for many reasons; she is like a cancer that quickly grows and she has been for my whole life but now I see that it’s ok to let go of people like her. I no longer have to have her in my life.



GMamma– You have treated me more like a daughter than my own mother has; thank you. I am not so much angry at her for having that character defect, she is a sick woman. I am ready to have the weight of her in my life gone. I will never walk in that house again once she leaves.


Any who, sorry I am goin’ on and on. It’s kinda’ hard not having a cell phone. I have been talking to Simon, my guinea pig but he just squoinks at me, he is not much of a conversationalist.


I love you guys. I hope to talk to you soon. If you have time please write back and maybe read this to the old man.

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