Figuring out and Facing why

What’s going on with me? I am insecure, angry and sad.

Am I relying on my boyfriend? Why am I so anxious? Where is the balance?

I am angry at my mom- she is fucking crazy

I am angry at myself- I’m selfconscious, selfish, confused, a “victim” and irresponsible.

I am angry at my boyfriend- I don’t understand him at times, he gets on me too much and he is so hard to communicate with.

I am angry at my sister- Just who she is

I am hateful towards the man I use to call Dad-  he is a piece-of-shit child molester.

I am hateful towards my first step-dad (same description as above)

I am angry at my ex-husband- He broke my heart and divorced me.

I am angry at my best friend- he is very negative and needs to find a professional to talk to

I am angry at my grandmother- she nags me, she is very negative. She bothers me.

Now all of these things were written because of a public speaking workshop book. The book is great. Figuring out and Facing why you are afraid to talk in front of people. Dig deep inside to figure out what we like about ourselves: physically, emotionally and mentally. The best thing for me so far with these workshops is diving down and taking time to figure out where my fear’s are coming from.


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