Things I love about myself

Again, this is another workshop I have done:

What do I love about myself?




-bone structure

-my butt

-my hair

-long fingers

-finger nails

-eye lashes


-shape of my body



-facial expressions


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2 Responses to Things I love about myself

  1. emptyoysters says:

    I was sad to read your lists about how you feel about yourself. Only one of these things is not related to your physical body – your energy. I can only assume the workshops you’re doing aren’t explicitly telling you to think about your physical qualities, but apparently the rest of the world is telling you that.

    You are not your body. There is a shallow part of society that will judge you that way, but if the only things you like about yourself are physical, there will come a time in your life when you’ve lost the only things you liked that made you “you”.

    I’m sure you really do know what you love about yourself other than your body. What are those great things that will be left when you get old and wrinkled? Are you making sure the people in your life know about those things, too?

    • Wow Empty, thank you for your perspective. You are right, I am not my body. There are times when I lose touch with that level of thought, how blessed I am to be reminded. Thank you for your support!

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