I love the quite of being alone. I have been alone much more recently. It feels nice. I don’t feel alone. I am not alone, I have my God.  I have Batman. (Yes a juvanile name for a higher power but he’s my man.)

I am listening to:

Sweet Escape

by  Paul Cardall

I talked to them the other day. I have not been to the house since. It feels so free but also uncomfortable. They don’t know where I am, I have not called them. I need this time. I took off one more day from work. I told another lie. I said I am moving my brother and I need one more day. Matty seems to care. He cares perhaps too much. Perhaps if I didn’t tell him I need this time off because of my stepdad molesting my brother. That was actually a year and 1/2 ago. I have taken a week off. I needed this time off. Now back to work tomorrow and focus.

I have been staying with my boyfriend.

I like that we have not said I love you.

I brought my computer here and I’ve been trying to get a room to rent in the city for cheap. Not much luck righ now but there are a good amount of people looking for roommates out there. My dad said he was

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