Late Night Update

Late night update before bed. Sorry If I fuck up some grammar or spelling.

The last two or three weeks I have been very depressed. Th last three days however have been peaceful and I feel well. On Monday I went in and had a chat with my boss. I decided I need to take some time off to get centered.

My dad ended up back in the ICU with pneumonia. I am supposed to go see him, my step-mom and little sister this month or the next. After finding out that my dad was ill again and in the ICU I felt like I might lose him. We have become so close and I love him so much. I want so badly to be in his arms. My little sister will be home from college so I will be able to see her beautiful face. Please God,  keep him well for years to come.

My brother and sister now want nothing to do with me. I was sad about that whole situation those dark few weeks but now I realize I am ok with out the stress, life can bring us together again and now I am no longer have anything to do with my mother and her husband. I have not talked to any of them for three weeks now. It does not feel weird now but it did for a while after the last communication I had with my brother and sister. It’s ok to let people go. I have my God and I forgot that…I can’t forget that. I hate feeling alone and abandoned.

My living situation is going very well. I love where I live and who I am surrounded by. I am so lucky to have what I have.

As for work; the entrepreneur in me is fast at work. I am working on my art and jewelry to sell, I am going to sell from my house on Sat morning….I’ll let you know how it goes. I am an apprentice for my landlord who got his masters in graphic design. He has hired me as a contractor. I have also been doing voice-over work for business promoting through YouTube. I am also working for the same company I was working for but now I am working on different projects that only take a few days a week.

OK- I am tired and going to bed. Night world. Thank you again for reading friends. It has been one long year, thank you for sticking with me.

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