Email to my Step-Mamma

Email to my StepMother

On Sat, May 12, 2012 at 8:41 PM

It is expected that I will be in the psych-hospital through next week. I am having a very hard time with anxiety attacks and body memories from when I was a kid. One step at a time. The cool thing is they host AA meeting’s twice a week and the other night’s CA and NA.  The balance of the drugs has been a challenge (as I know dad knows).

 I talked to my good friend and landlord today. I think the best way for him to receive rent money this month is throughWestern Union. Unfortunately I am in no place to be able to take care of this myself or I would not make this such an ordeal.

 I no longer have a bank account. I was with XXX and they charged me fees for something they said I signed up for like account protection (1st  fees), credit check monthly(2nd fees) overdraft protection which was not on the bank plan when I signed up. Therefore I am not using a bank for a little while.

My landlord a good friend of mine that I can greatly trust. He happens to be one of two people in this state that I trust.

I hope to get out soon!



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