In the South

I can say I have never lived in a place where I did ot walk into a door feeling anxious and FEAR.

I don’t feel fear here.


I have been to at least two meetings a day.

Meeting my father for the first time was amazing. He is in recovery, I get to share that with my father. I decided in the mean time of finding a sponsor I will work on my fourth step. I am getting back to AA.

I am pretty emotionally fucked up. I found out things about my mother that does not suprise me but broke my heart. She abducted me and my sister and everytime my father and stepmom would find us my mother would move. He wanted us all his life. He faught for us and I am so thankful.

I got a call that I am being sued and have a warrent out for my arrest because of a payday loan I did not take out. It was back in 2009 and I had no idea about payday loans then, I didn’t need one. It was my exhusband. Thankfully I have my buddy with me to help me fight this, my dad.

I told him the other day that my whole life all I wanted was my dad and to be a daddy’s girl, and now I am. He loves us two so much. My sister had decided to hate him, saying he should have done more. Believe me, they looked and looked. My fucking mom kept running. The sad thing about her running it’s into a childmolesers arms.

I have decided I am going to move to the South. My little sister is awesome, my stepmom is not pretty much my mom and it’s awesome and I am a dady’s girl. For now on my parents are my dad and stepmom. She is my mother now and she is a pretty damn good one.

When I got here I had already been pretty sick for about 4 weeks but I didn’t think it was that serious. Well, unfortunately…. I have a severe respatory infection. My father took care of me.

I can trust my dad, he is my protector for the time being….Some day I will be strong enough for myself.


GOD- thank you for my mom and dad and little sister. Thank you for bringing me back to AA. Please give me the strength.

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