Email to my Grandpa from a different place

I never revealed where I am from. My heart and my home is in Denver. I now live down South.

This is a letter to my Grandpa. He is my hero, my friend and a parent.

Things are going well down here. I feel God working on my heart. When I went back to Denver to get my things: I smoked pot. I didn’t bring any with me here. I don’t talk about doing that. I am away from that now. I will talk to you about AA down here later. All I can say is it is not working for me to I am turning a different direction, I feel this direction is where God is calling me.
Thank you my friends for keeping up with me. Your support, love, prayers and comments me the world to me.

Here is the email to my Grandpa:

Hi Pops,

                       I will totally call first. I hope you enjoy the movies and the game today. The Dark Knight Rises is amazing….You may want to see that with Uncle Jim. I was going to go to the “city” today to see some of the things going on, there is a W.C.Handy Jazz fest going on but it is raining very badly here. I love the rain here, the storms are massive. I went out for a little bit but my car was hydroplanining. I miss you guys so much. I have been talking to my dad and step-mom about school and it looks like the community college here in the Spring. I AM SO EXCITED! My plan is to get my degree in graphic design and I hope photography too. I hope to get back to Denver after I get my degree. I pray that God will lead me. Man I miss you two so much. I miss Denver. I do feel like this is home right now. My step-mom and I go on walks at night. We live so far out in the country that the stars are amazingly visible. I have been out every night looking for shooting stars. Last night when we were on a walk I told my step-mom that I have been looking for shooting stars every night since I have been here; the stars are incredibly visible. Right after I said that I saw the most amazing shooting star. The tail of the falling star was so visible I could see it disintegrate. I have never seen anything like it. Our God is an Awesome God. The best thing about being here is the stillness….The Lord is working in my heart. I am trying to see a Christian therapist, I am going to call him Monday to see if I can set something up. I realize that no matter what my Father, God, will never let me down. Please pray that God will continue to work on my heart.

 I miss you.

 I hope you and Grandma are well. You two mean the world to me.

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