Email to my Grandparents

Hi Grandparents,

    We are out of town getting my sister moved in. I have had several talks with my step-mom and my dad. They made promises that they could not fulfill. I know that they love me and want me to be ok… but they can’t give me what they said they could (though they have  hard time admitting it). I am keeping my options open at this time. I am looking for a job out here as well as in Colorado. We will see what happens. I am getting off the meds my dad put me on, I think they are not working well for me. From now on I will ONLY take medication that the doctors put me on. I feel much less depressed since I cut the meds in half. I have made a decision that I am not going to my sisters things….that’s what they want me to do. I am going to help unload the three cars that are full. My father and I are going to go to a book store or something like that so we can get out of there. We both know it will be chaos with those two. I have been asking God to show me what to do. For right now I feel like He is telling me to keep my heart and eyes open to the possibilities that are in front of me. I feel peace about making a decision to not have to make a decision. I have to be here until Sept 1 so I need to make the best of things. It’s hard not to worry, you guys know me but when my mind wonders I try to remind myself that I can’t make a drastic change right now.

      I love you guys to much and miss you. I just have to keep going and remember to trust the Lord.

      I will call and talk to you soon…I can’t while out here with everyone while we are moving aundrea in.


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