I want to drink and smoke!

I want to drink and smoke right now so fucking badly.

I am very angry. I was talking with my step-mom tonight about my mother and how my mother found them when my sister and I were 19-years-old for child-support. My sister and I were kicked out of her house when we were 16, she was not even supporting us and that bitch went after them when she took us from them when we were fucking 9-months-old because she is a crazy bitch.

FUCK I want to drink. It’s three thirty in the morning right now and I am about to go get a fucking pack of cigarettes. A few days ago I picked up an electronic cigarette, it works ok but does not quite do the job.

What upsets me about the situation with my mother is she knew my father was in the military then, my twin and I could have gotten to go to college through the military. She found them through a child-support company based in Texas, well we lived in Colorado. The only thing my step-mom had to go by with finding us girls is the location of where the damn company was located.

God help me.

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