Well I didn’t drink or smoke  cigarettes last night but boy did I want to.

I ended up staying in bed all day because of the RA. It has been acting up something fierce due to the weather. I did go to church this morning but left shortly after service started, I wanted to scream at the tone deafness of my step-mom beside me. When I hurt like I am today I get sensory overloaded very easily which is why I spent the day in bed with companionship from icy-hot patches, ice packs and ibuprofen. I’m still hurting and grumpy but as the day wears on the pain gets more tolerable.

So here I am.

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3 Responses to I DIDN’T

  1. serenebabe says:

    I’ve taken it five minutes at a time before…

    • Thank you. That is where I am, again. I thought at 18 months it would be different!

      • serenebabe says:

        Darlin’, I’ve had a lot of days and I still get to points where I need to take things a few minutes at a time. That said, the desire to drink was lifted and when I use/work 10, 11, and 12 as close to daily as I can, I believe the desire will stay gone. BUT, life is still life and I’m still an alcoholic and just because I no longer have the particular form of insanity that tells me I might be able to drink like non-alcoholics can, I still have my own insanity when life gets out of balance.

        What I’m trying to say is it gets better. It gets so much better. But, even after getting better, there are still a lot of hard times. It’s just that after some days of being recovered, it’s easier to remember—to know—that it will get better. (((lostcompanion)))

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