I am doing ok.

It’s been a handful of weeks now since I stopped taking the anti-depressants and I feel very well.

Work is going well. I am taking care of an elderly woman who has Alzheimer Disease very badly. Her husband is very caring and is doing what it takes to keep her home. He is a really nice man…he was in the KKK in his early years. According to his daughter he has come a long way since she was a child. She grew up terrified of him, he was a bad alcoholic!

I am off to bed. I have to get up at 4 a.m. for work then off to do a craft show.

My father is still not well. He may never drive again because he has no feeling in his feet…some type of nerve damage. He is still at the rehab center. I saw him the other day and like always, I lied to him and left after a brief visit. I am working on my shit with him.

My sister is back again this weekend; she brought her new boyfriend over for my step-mom to meet. Of course my dad wants them to stop by, she probably wont. No one wants him around.


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