My Plan

I have come up with a plan.

I am in training at work right now which should lead to a raise, I don’t know how much but a raise is a raise. I am going to see how much my debt is, find out (I hope this week) which credits transferred in school back home here and see how much more I own on my car and make a plan as to how long it will take to pay of my car, debt and get my degree so that I can have a game-plan as to when I will move out of here.

I have an amazing opportunity to be here and work, pay off my bills and go to school; it will take some time but I can do it. I am going to look into what it takes as a graphic design artist to make money….a two or four year degree. obviously a four year degree is better but if getting an associates degree really gets my foot in the door I am going to start there.

I owe a ton on my car still (I wish there was scratch tickets in this state)! My other debt can be paid off as time goes on. My ex-husband did not pay off a couple grand on the car from our marriage, that is his responsibility. I will do what it takes to not pay a cent on that debt, that’s his problem, he wanted to but that car…I tried to talk him out of it.

Up until Sat night the time my sister was home from college went great until I walked in on    she and my stepmom talking about me. I am not sure all that was said but it was not in good spirits and I still can’t figure out what I would have done to upset my sister. I felt in my heart that my stepmom would never talk about me poorly but I was wrong. I know she is very insecure about my sister cutting her out of her life so I assume she was playing along….still at that I am very uneasy about the situation. I have decided to put some distance between me and my stepmom and focus on my own path.

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