There Is Noting I Can Do

There was a girl that was killed this month in my hometown….it’s been all over the news. The boy who did it was only 17-years-old. After I found out a few weeks ago I sat in my room and cried for a long time while I read articles and looked at pics of her. Her mom reminds me of my sister, not well kept and obese but total and unconditional love for her child. The tragedy brought a lot of uneasy emotions up. I keep picturing my brother who was raped by my step-father and me and my sister who were tortured by out my brothers father, our first step-father.

I did some looking into reporting the man who sexually abused my little brother, there is noting I can do. This is not the first time I have looked into this matter, I thought I might have found something different but I didn’t. I contemplated calling his job, he is a paramedic… I wont. Unless my brother, who is almost 21 reports it nothing can be done. I have thought about telling my mother but again my brother will probably deny anything ever happened so I it would only make things worse.

My brother is not in a healthy spot in his life right now. God Help Him!

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2 Responses to There Is Noting I Can Do

  1. I’m with you on that tragedy. I live in Denver with my girlfriend and 4 year old stepdaughter. It gives me chills thinking that something like this could happen right under the parents’ noses. So sorry to hear about you and your brother. I’ll pray for you both. How’s the sobriety? Still trudging? When you’re ready to share your story, please let me know. I’d love to have you over on Portraits of Addiction. I think your story could inspire others still struggling and harboring serious issues, like sexual abuse. Thanks for liking the site and let me know if there’s anything I can do for you. Stay strong friend.

    • Andreaw,

      You have no idea how much your words mean to me…I needed to read your beautiful words. THANK YOU!

      Sobriety is going well. I am near 19 months without alcohol! I am trying to keep my mind focused and right now with all that is going on I feel it’s a moment by moment consciousness.

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