Thank You Friends

I want to thank all of you who have and are supporting me with this blog and in a round-about way my life. You have NO idea how much reading my blogs and sending me comments gives me a deeper sense of strength!

It’s amazing that even through blogging a beautiful world is at hand and we are all really connected in one way or another!!!

Thank you friends!

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13 Responses to Thank You Friends

  1. ericmvogt says:

    You hang in there! The writer’s passion comes through adversity.

  2. waynemali says:

    We all have our own problems to work through, but for me sharing my experiences has helped me more than I could ever imagine. We are all here to try to help and inspire others, even though many will never realise it, we are here to help, stay strong, you can get through this.

  3. A sense of community is a relief unto itself. Thank you for reading my blog too 🙂

  4. Hey there Lost.
    I’m new on WordPress and only just noticed that you’re following my blog. Yes, it is amazing that we can get connected over such a distance. Sadly, it seems, by a shared problem, but hopefully by some shared wisdom too.
    You take care.
    All the best,
    TCC x

  5. Sunshine says:

    A small world indeed…abundant peace to you! 🙂

  6. hey, hope you are keeping on keeping on…sending you love over the sea during this hard time… blogs and blog friends really can help, sometimes knowing someone out there gets it, makes it ok to keep on with choices that save your life, but look odd to the peeps immediately to hand. meeting up with your stepmom away from the hospital is probably really good for both of you, it’s easy to get swallowed whole by stuff…
    about giving up smoking, waiting till things are more settled is absolutely ok, each cig, just say i’m using you now, but not for much longer, i release this pattern with love…and when you’re ready, i used the allen carr book how to give up smoking, went from 40+ day to zero, the key was thinking, every cig i put out is stopping, why do i want to start? can i meet that need for….support/strength/ something nice for me a better way? but this is the rest of your life ahead of you, doing too much at once is not a good idea, you are worth doing this slowly and with love and respect for yourself. you are so allowed to do stuff slowly rather than rock the boat in stormy waters, ok?
    love and light

  7. I just want to tell you that I only had time to skim your blog, but that I’m going to read it very soon.
    Listen: I’m old. That doesn’t make me wise, and I can see that you’ve already learned that painful lesson. But I’ve seen a thing or two that you have not had the time to see yet. So just believe me: life has a mysterious way of providing its own answers and you are good. Wonderful things can and will happen to you. You are a gift to life, and not just the other way around.
    There’s an old Civil Rights song that belongs to you:

    The very moment I thought I was lost
    the dungeon shook and the chains fell off.
    Keep your eyes on the prize. Hold on.
    Hold on. Hold on.
    Keep your eyes on the prize.
    Hold on.

    P.S. You are the prize.

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