I love you Dad!

I miss you already. Last week we spent some amazing days together, I had my dad. I was a daddy’s girl. You told me you no longer worry about me, that felt great.

I really miss you and wish I was near you. I know you needed to go.



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3 Responses to I love you Dad!

  1. dedepuppets says:

    My mum died earlier this year. We didn’t have a particularly good relationship, but we made our peace in the end and something really strange happend…
    When I was a child my mum often spoke of a hand puppet she had made and loved. I had never seen the puppet… but out of the blue I started making these puppets last year. And every single one reminds me of my mother. It is her legacy to me.
    What am I trying to tell you here? Can you remember anything your Dad was passionate about? Something he would have liked to do, but didn’t get round to, something he was good at, but didn’t know… Take this passion and take it to new heights… And your Dad will be with you forever!

  2. myprojection says:

    I’m so sorry, I can’t help myself from crying.. I am thinking about you a lot even though I don’t know you, strange isn’t it? But you must know that you’re far from alone.

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