Down Day

Today is a down day. I have used the excuse of a migraine to stay away from people and stay in bed.

I think it’s settling in.

I am so afraid to forget him…. I told my boyfriend that’s why I write and blog…it’s always here.

I just got up for some soup and cheese. I have been averaging one and a half meals since dad died. I weighed myself this morning; lost a few pounds. I am not watching my weight at this point. My sleeping has been pretty good, about back to normal.

I lied to my step-mom last night. I finally had a date night with my boyfriend last night but I started to feel really tired and ill so I texted her at three in the morning that I had a migraine and was not going to drive. I fell asleep with him, in his bed but me in my jeans and shirt, belt and all. I just wanted to be close to him and I was not feeling too well. I got up early and got home, showered and went to church. After church I dove into bed.

My body is so sad.

I know I will be okay. I am not afraid of life or living, or loving and dying. I am just sad and miss my buddy.

Any who, I am going to go call my granddad (my father’s dad) and jump back in  bed. I needed a “bed” day!

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