My Gospel Is Love

What is on my list today…well…

I need to clean the cars. We are going to try to sell mine, pay my grandparents off for the car and sell my step-moms truck to get me a new car. At this point I don’t care what I get. I love my car but it needs to go if that’s what is suppose to happen, I can accept it.

I need to run an errand for my step-mom’s woman’s group. I am involved enough to help her out. The church is not my church, the real church (to me) are the people. I believe in doing good and living well. I believe that we are all connected as a people and we are to grow spiritually as individuals and help those who hurt with love. My gospel is love.

I hope to spend some time with my boyfriend. I want to rearrange my room and clean out the crap I don’t use or need. Time to simplify.

I talked to my father about this before he died and I mentioned it to my step-mom on Sat….Should I go to a tech school for graphic design or get my bachelors degree in graphic design. Going for a BA will take well over four years and I don’t do well when I am studying topics I don’t care about. Also, math is very hard for me and I will be starting out in pre-level college courses which will take even longer. Hummmm……

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4 Responses to My Gospel Is Love

  1. thewhitedawn says:

    oh please don’t be discouraged

  2. mittyhero says:

    Decluttering is so good for everything, write a list, start one thing at a time so you dont end up with doing a little bit of 10 different things like I do. It will keep you busy and you will be tired at the end of the day! Just remember mourning IS exhausting…it took me a week to recover from the last awful funeral I went too…but I was also boozing it up. School is a great idea, there are always people on hand to help you with the parts you find harder…(I cant do maths either and my uncle is a genus mathematician – does NOT run in the family). Sounds like a perfect creative outlet though. Thanks for sharing my journey, and now I’m sharing yours X

    • Wow, you have no idea how much your comment means to me. I feel guilty that I still feel sad… I know it takes time I just wish I knew how much! And thank you for the list idea, I am good at writing lists. You rock!!!

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