Can’t Live In Fear

I can’t live in fear that someone close to me will die or I will lose them. I need to trust that whatever the world gives me is what’s to be. I have to accept things as they are and better things that I can.

I don’t understand death and why it is. People say it’s to get closer to God or to go to heaven or reincarnation, I don’t know. I feel part of my journey is learning why? What is after…and I am not talking about religions bibles.

I just can’t live in fear, perhaps that will resonate into my next life. I am very in touch with my feelings so I need to always be aware of what I take in.

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8 Responses to Can’t Live In Fear

  1. abitjuakali says:

    trust, real trust, is blind to the outcome – it is throwing yourself off the cliff with no idea how far you will fall. But as the ground crumbles beneath your feet, you must go on to survive.
    I believe in God and the power of the world to come. Many have told me I am foolish for such beliefs, but they are what defines and drives my life. I would be dead without my Lord.
    I truly hope you find peace in your journey towards trust.

  2. wisdomasigo says:

    Thanks for the follow, your blog is inspiring me to write even more!!!
    I really liked this post, I immediately thought of the need to acquire knowledge when I read this. As in we tend to be afraid of what we dont know, the uncertainty is what induces pain. At any rate have a pleasant night and keep up the great posts 🙂

  3. mindofshoo says:

    My dad died 30 years ago, when I was 18. A week before his only son graduated high school. Understand death? Maybe the question should to understand life. Cause death is a part of our life. Your life. My fathers death never got me closer to any God, it just left me with many unanwered questions about my life. Questions that I still seek answers even to this day. You will trust. Cause you seek it.

  4. You don’t have to live in constant fear. But, like death, fear is a very real and natural emotion we all experience. There is no erasing it from our life portrait. Some try to deny it, bury it, or worst of all drown it in alcohol or mask it with other substances. The key is to accept fear and death for what they are…real and unavoidable. The next key is what you do with those super uncomfortable feelings…cope well or cope sick. Will you cry and scream into a pillow or drown it, ignore it, deny it? A previous comment was made that made so much sense…”Understand death? Maybe the real question is to understand life” How will you choose to live those last days with a dying loved one? With storytelling, reconciliation, laughter, telling that person what meaning they have brought to your life, honest talk, tears of your impending seperation in this life? We all will die. We may never fully understand why, but we must accept it’s as much a part of life as birth. How will you make some meaning out of it? How will you choose to cope with those – let’s be real – sucky, painful emotions? Keep writing…you’re good at it, and it’s a solid means for coping well. PEACE

  5. I do know what you are feeling, I have lost both parents, several siblings and close friends and … I lost a son 14 years ago. Toughest time of my life and really shook any belief system I “didn’t” have at the time… was just kind of floundering through life hoping for the best. I floundered for awhile… and then I quit the pity fest and got over myself. I had lost several people in a short length of time but my son was the worst blow of all but then I realized that I had all these angels walking beside me… if I am really quiet I hear their breath.
    I believe in pennies from heaven and Jeff often tosses a few my way. I always look at the year on them and most of the time it is the year of his death… I really was stunned when I first realized that. It was like he was saying… ok mom… I am here… just trust in yourself and keep your head high. He has been the sole or should I say soul reason I have stepped out of some situations I was not comfortable with and stepped into a new frame of mind… a new life. My daughter held her tongue the last time I told her about the pennies, but later Jeff would give her a message of her own. You see, she thought it was silly to look for the year of his death… why not the year of his birth, something positive. And, later when she was cleaning the place she works at she found her penny… her own message from Jeff…. it had the year of his birth. Silly, I know… but it was the message she needed and that she would recognize. If I had not told her my stories she would not have recognized her own message.
    I hope this inspires you to look for signs from your dad to let you know that he is always near… because he is. It may not be pennies… but if you get really still (and calm) about things he will find something that you will recognize as something only he could know is important to you.
    You don’t have to be religious to have Faith… it helps but, not necessary. Just be true to yourself and what you know to be good and honest… and be happy for today and the little gifts you’ll find.

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