Step-mom Dinner Date

I ended up having a nice dinner date with my step-mom. It was nice, Mongolian Grill. I am so happy I made the decision to get out of this house, I felt like exploding.
She and I had a great time….we talked about dad; the good and the bad. I cried a little bit and told her that I feel so sad still. She opened up to me which was cool.

I am very blessed. I even told her about my boyfriend….all I said was that he and I are on two different paths.

We decided I am going to go to a tech school. I need to get myself together and figure it out so that I can go in the Spring semester. I NEED TO FOCUS on SCHOOL!


Tomorrow: Call work and talk to my boss about only working days for a little while. Work from 10am to 1pm. Call and see why I don’t have my drivers license in the mail. Go to the gym and give them my military ID (the ID from when I was married). Clean my car.


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5 Responses to Step-mom Dinner Date

  1. susan says:

    Thanks for deciding to follow my blog. You’re going through a most difficult milestone in life–death of a parent. My deep sympathy. No matter the relationship, emotions surge. You express yourself well, are obviously sensitive, have a lot of “good stuff” in you and I hope love yourself and can be good to yourself. At 29 you have so many good years ahead. My decades counseling high school students and knowing how they’ve coped successfully and matured over decades (they keep in touch sporadically), makes me optimistic about your future. Perhaps using one of my blog’s key thoughts, asking “what’s the goal” will be of help in guiding you.

    • Susan, Thank you so much for your comment and wonderful healing tool..”what’s the goal.” I can ask myself that. Thank you so much!

    • Today I will try to focus on that; what is my goal? When I first moved out here (to the South) from Denver I was fixated on goals. Now, my goal is mental fortitude and go to school in the Spring. Are you suggesting focusing on smaller goals?

      • susan says:

        Let me know if any of my partial reply came through. It flew away before I could finish it! You can email me direct if you prefer:

      • susan says:

        I’ve tried twice to reply, but I think it’s too long a reply and seems to fly off this computer into nowhere. So, in short: it’s the BIG goal–(to be self-sufficient? to go to college?) everything else is secondary. Please write to me at my email: if you’d like a fuller explanation. Look forward to hearing from you and holding good thoughts for your moving forward. Susan

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