Boyfriend Thoughts

Yesterday was a good day. I got a lot done in the house and rearranged my room, detailed it and cleaned out my car.

I stayed out until 3:30am last night, I hung out with my boyfriend. I don’t think I ended it…I let him know where I stand tho. I told him I have been very fragile and I think I have let myself like him more than I should. I explained that his comments about us being open to sleeping with other people was not what I had in mind in our relationship therefore I am backing away. He said I misunderstood him….

After spending time with him last night I realize that I really do like my life and the way I go about my day. Getting my education is my focus in life and I told him that. See, he is a very intelligent man. He did IT work for the government for some time and he learned everything he knows because he taught himself. As far as what he does for a living, I don’t give a shit; right now he is a bartender at a steak-house.  What matters to me is what he does with his free-time and what kind or a father he is.  As far as a father he seems pretty good. As far as what he does with his time, is not quite what I like to do most of the time.

He talked about moving out of his house and letting his ex-wife and son live there while he either moves into an apartment, finds roommates or leaves for a little while. My first question was, “What about your son if you pick up and leave?” He didn’t answer.

My final thought on the topic of the boyfriend: I am on a much different path than he. I picture myself moving back to Denver when I finish school…I don’t like staying out until 3:30am and I told him that. I let him know I need balance and peace in my life and part of that is getting to bed at decent times and getting up at a reasonable hour. So who knows what’s going to happen.

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4 Responses to Boyfriend Thoughts

  1. scottie27 says:

    I think that no matter how much informed logical thought someone can put into a situation, there’s a lot to be said for learning to trust ones own instincts.
    Good vibes to you!

  2. It’s easier in the long run to go with the feeling in your gut. If you don’t you may try to rationalize all the wrong reasons and end up in a real mess. Try as we may it is just impossible to put square pegs in round holes. Follow your truth to your inner light. Blessings ~

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