Friday in the South

Today is going to be a nice day, I am fairly busy.

I am going to work at 10am to 1pm, then a hike and an art show in the evening.

My little sister came back from college for a night. I guess she said the incense that I light reminded her of dad…I guess I should not use them when she is around. I can understand her feeling that way, I need to be humble. I know she is only 19.

I found the school I am going to and I registered yesterday. It is going to be a 45 min drive but it’s worth it. I am sending out requests for my transcripts to be sent to the school today. I figure I have about a month to get this together. I need to take some placement tests, meet with an adviser and pick my classes, see the campus and pay for the classes and this all has to be done within the next month.

I told work that I am only working 15-20 hours a week and no nights, I am going to focus on school. My step-mom and I talked about school and work, I asked her opinion and she said I need to do what I want to do. I decided I want to go to school full-time and work part time. I may need to ask for some help financially with gas…

I am shocked at how peaceful my life is. It is almost unsettling. I was talking to my best friend yesterday and told him I am waiting for the ball to drop with school because it feels too good to be true. I hope it’s not… Perhaps through my fathers life and death I can now live more.

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3 Responses to Friday in the South

  1. robin claire says:

    Hi Leslie ( I hope I got your name right)
    Please don’t worry about the balls in life. I don’t think life is about balls dropping. It’s about school. God puts us in classes where we have to work to learn new stuff. But then we also get “recess” where we can just take a breath from the hard work – and relax. He loves us, so He makes sure we get some rest sometimes. So don’t worry about the balls. He’s just giving you a time to rest up.
    love to you my friend,
    robin claire

  2. Bubble Gum says:

    wonderful blog! learning how to enjoy the good stuff and peace is just as much of a skill as any other. great post.

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