It’s Christmas, Dad

I am alone in the house today…

It’s Christmas in our house. My step-mom and I put up a Christmas tree a friend of hers let us use. All of our Christmas decorations are in the shed, before my dad went into the hospital in September he and I “cleaned” the shed. We really dug through boxes to find craft things because he and I loved making crafts. My father was my craft buddy.



I miss you dad. In some ways life is more peaceful; no more hospitals. In ALL ways you are really fucking missed. I think about you all the time. Everyday has gotten better and better. I love you. Thank you for the gifts you have given to me, thank you for your life. You are always my buddy!!!

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9 Responses to It’s Christmas, Dad

  1. It does get easier. Keep those memories. They’re in our hearts forever. xo

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  3. waynemali says:

    I so appreciate all your honesty through the toughest of times, you are an inspiration.

    I have nomitated you for the Reality Blog Award, I know it’s not much in the scheme of things, but I hope you appreciate it.

    Stay strong, you are in my prayers.


  4. I know how it feels. Christmas after somebody dies is very strange–at least it was for me, as a child. Death is more powerful than Christmas but life goes on; we celebrate, we give each other gifts. Wishing you a good holiday with your stepmother and friends.

    • I have to totally agree, death is more powerful than Christmas…well said. Life does go on!!! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas season with your family, thank you SO much for your support, best gift that can be given!

  5. beverley says:

    You have managed to get your tree up, well done. I miss you Danielle Christmas is not the same without you, its year 3. Not sure if it gets easier or if you just learn to lie better??

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