Good Weekend

I had a good weekend. I just got home from a night out…it was nice. I was with my boy-friend ( I guess you can still call him that). We went to a bar with some friends, they all drank…I had a coke and it was yummy. I try to only drink soda when I am out at a bar or around people drinking because I really like it.

I am feeling a little under the weather. I felt light-headed off and on today.

My boyfriends aunt is dying of lymphoma. She is 46-years-old. My boyfriend was supportive and with me throughout my fathers funeral but there was little emotion. I can’t blame him for it, he only met my father once and it was not the best of times. Since his aunt has been given only a few days to live I have seen a more somber and introspective side to him. I feel like this side, who he is expressing now through the trials going on in his life is someone I can really relate with. I understand the suffering agenda life has on it’s to-do-list. I am blessed that because of my own suffering I can relate to others and through that relation I see joy and experience life…..or I try. Being conscious.

My step-mother and I visited my fathers grave this morning. It was a very healing experience to have with her. I miss my dad and so does she.

I am off to bed!

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