Make Me Go

Ok, I need to get ready for work. Much of me wants to stay in bed today but I need to go to work. I only work a 3 hour shift today so it’s not bad. I will be helping an older couple out at their house. It does not take much physical attention but I need to be mentally there.

Since dad died I have not really been working. I told my job no more night shifts, weekends and no dying people….I can’t take much death right now, I need to live. I need to see life, that’s why I am SOOOO excited about going back to school…life!

My goal is to be back in Denver by summer of 2015.

Ok….off to work.

Have a good day friend, thank you for reading!

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13 Responses to Make Me Go

  1. Seasweetie says:

    We here in Denver will welcome you back! I’m so very sorry about your Dad. I know how hard it is.

  2. New chapters in life are ALWAYS good, sometimes we just can’t see it until we look back at it later. Good luck moving forward — toward Denver !

    • Yay for moving forward! My heart is in Denver but now my soul is here in the South, with my step-mom…until I finish school…then toward Denver!

      You rock! I needed a positive person to show up in my life today, thank you!

  3. tlobousslady says:

    In time you will see that there is more to life. There will be days you just don’t have what it takes to get out of bed and thats okay. Because there will be days you want to shine so bright that all of heaven knows you are alive. I wish you all the best with school.

    • Thank you, thank you, thank you! Yay for school.

      I do feel abnormal when I feel depressed, part of that may be because I am dealing without alcohol or pain pills or anti-depressants. I am doing well. Thank you for reading my blog and for allowing me to enter your world!

  4. It’s very hard to get back into the swing of things after the death of a loved one. Seasweetie is right, it sounds cliche but it does indeed get better.

  5. Pamela Hodgdon says:

    It will take awhile, but you will get to a better place.

  6. I can’t possibly know how you feel, but I’ve been in your squishy wet socks, and I praise God you are able to continue on without the alcohol through this horrible loss. As my Dad always said, simply with empathy pouring out through his loving brown eyes, “Keep your chin up.” You CAN do this, and the things you are learning along the way, are things you need to know…remember it’s God’s plan, and He certainly knows what He’s doing! lol He created you, didn’t he?!!! 🙂

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