I am tired today, very tired.

I am eating well and sleeping well. I know the weather is jacking me up…the barometric pressure change hurts my body.

Wednesdays since my dad died have all been shitty. I feel shitty. I know I am fighting a bad cold…I need to drink more water. The RA is acting up something fierce in my right knee. When I woke up yesterday morning my knees were inflamed and warm. I forget that Denver winters treated me badly.

The real question is why does yesterday matter? I just mentioned my knees were inflamed  yesterday but that is not relevant to my knees not being inflamed now. Is this not a small example of me living in the past when the problem I have right now is not the same…my knees hurt but they are not inflamed and truly only one knee hurts right now- it’s the cold I feel coming on that is what’s bothering me.

Right now I am tired, very tired.


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16 Responses to Tired

  1. Seasweetie says:

    Yesterday is a building block to today, that’s why I think it matters. Don’t beat yourself up, especially when you are very tired. It hasn’t been long at all since your Dad’s passing, and you will surprise yourself with what is difficult. The first time I had to buy stamps after my Dad’s death, I burst into tears in the post office, because I suddenly remembered how much he had enjoyed collecting stamps. There’s no telling with grief.

  2. my heart goes out to you. winter can be so hard.

  3. Justine says:

    Thanks for stopping at my blog. I find your blog interesting very absorbing.

  4. icanonlygrow says:

    I completely connect with the winter and being tired. My body and mind is similar to a bear, I need to hibernate it feels like.

  5. I am so sorroy for your loss… I hate the winter too, don’t be so hard on yourself though… cold and me don’t go well either. I am a tropical baby I love the sun and the heat! = [ If you lack inspiration check out my: http://vagendavixen.wordpress.com/2012/12/06/15-powerful-ways-to-create-your-good-mood-and-transform-your-life/ it might help… at least I hope it does! Sending warm hugs!

  6. waji says:

    sometimes our past don’t leave us..no matter how much we try..but in any case we have to live..even with these painful realities..and usually we spoil our present by thinking of past…no matter what happened…life goes on..

  7. You are very welcome hun! Glad to help! = ] I am actually in the UK but the weather here is totslly shit most of the year and winter here is sooo cold! = [ Hope you are feeling better today!

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