Where I Am

I am where I am. I have experienced what I have in life for a reason, if not to just tell my story. This process, life, is teaching me many things but where do I go with these lessons? With whom do I share them with if but the wind. My father is in the wind, my father is now the wind.

What is prayer but energy pushing on the vision of what is to become.

I share these things with you, I give you a part of me and You take me with you; do you remember me when you leave? Is this for my benefit? Who does this touch: vibrations.

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8 Responses to Where I Am

  1. dutifullybroken says:

    This speaks volumes to me right now. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. robin claire says:

    Hi Leslie (I think that’s your name?)
    You share them in your posts – which are very honest – and beautiful.
    robin claire

  3. That was some last paragraph!
    Wish you well where you are in the journey.

    And, thanks for following my blog. Appreciated.

  4. WoW! Let the wind guide you where you need to go. Thank you for sharing your tragedies. It helps us know that we are not alone, and it helps you grow, too. We are all broken, but we are not alone.

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