I don’t know what to do…I am falling into a depression.


I need to just be.


I need to be present in the moment!

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16 Responses to Depression

  1. Sometimes that’s the hardest part! Wishing you patience with yourself…

  2. abrown1301 says:

    Some times call for quiet contemplation; some call for action. Just keep moving-I mean that quite literally. The only thing that keeps me from lying in bed all day is the physical act of crawling out of it each morning. Peace comes in fits and starts, but you have to keep showing up. Do your best to care for yourself. Get a massage or a pedicure, learn a new recipe, whatever works. And above all, keep coming here and pouring your heart out. It helps.

    • I know what you mean by “crawling” out of bed. Thank you so much for your encouraging words! WOW. I needed to read this tonight. I hope this is all just a part of my healing process, that this will pass in time. Thank you again!

  3. keep blogging, you’re not alone. if you can find something you like to occupy your mind. feel free to email me if you need a listening ear at xo

  4. Mia says:

    Please do not walk this road alone. If you need to talk or just a shoulder to cry on, please feel free to contact me. (http// I would love to walk alongside you even if it is only through email. You are a special lady!
    Much love and hugs to you XX

  5. musicgal2012 says:

    Love and hugs OOXX. Keep talking to us we are listening. You are not alone.

  6. robin claire says:

    Hi Leslie,
    I have Bipolar Disorder and deal with depression – a lot! Could it possibly be a physiological problem with you, or is it “situational”? Also, I have a lot of PTSD that contributes to depression. Also, I have suffered from tremendous anxiety (most of it removed by God in 2010) which can wear a person down, and lead to depression. I had a horrible childhood (which contributed to some of the PTSD issue). How was yours growing up?
    robin claire

  7. Awareness and sharing are big steps. You are going to be ok! It helps to think about something you can be grateful for each day.

  8. alterego9221 says:

    Actually, you are present in the moment! 🙂 Just that the moment is not very good..Time solves everything!

  9. I also deal with depression, due to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. “Just being” is a difficult thing sometimes in the middle of the depths of the pain. I understand what you mean when you say “just be”. I’ll be praying for this also.

    • Thank you for your prayers! Things are going much better.

      I am sorry you deal with depression, it sucks. Like I am finding out, you are not alone too. You are in my thoughts this holiday season FaithNHopeAlways.

      • You are very welcome and you are absolutely right. We are definitely not alone in this. I have read a lot of blogs that seem to be similar to our situations and have had some very nice people visit my blog and support me through some difficult times. I will also be praying for you. My email is if you would ever need someone to talk to. God Bless!

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