I am very excited about school, it will give me the opportunity to learn how to be a better creator of my art.

I just got my classes lined up for school and I am very excited. The meeting with the adviser went well yesterday! I told my counselor exactly my sinerio…My father just passed away and he left me the funding for school. I am nervous because it’s been nearly 10 years since I was in school so I need to do everything right…..and the college adviser helped me get it all done right.

I will have to do a lot of driving with school but that’s okay. Driving is me time! The drive is nice and pretty clear-cut.

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9 Responses to FREE to CREATE

  1. prewitt1970 says:

    unfortunatly i know what its like to loose ones father. Im very sorry for yur lose and should you need a chat im here.
    Be well.
    PS. congrats on the class line up. best of luck to you.

  2. Mia says:

    I am overjoyed that you are studying again and admire your courage! Remember to just be free to be yourself!
    Hugs XX

  3. catherine says:

    congrats on going back to school. i went back in september at the age of 46 to do a degree in photography. best thing i ever did. i hope you will enjoy it. if you have documentation about your depression, i encourage you to register with accessibility services on your campus. here, accessibility services covers both mental health and physical disabilities. they can make a special plan between you and your professors (with exact reasons left undisclosed to your teachers), to be activated only when necessary, to get things like extensions on assignments or longer time to write exams. i thought i wouldn’t need it, but my insomnia kicked in because of the stress of being back in school, and the long commute (for me it’s 2 hours each way) and i fell behind a little, so i was able to get a 5 day extension on one assignment and that’s all i needed. and remember, there’s always counseling services on campus if you start to feel overwhelmed. i look forward to reading about this journey you are beginning. and congrats, again. catherine

    • Great thank you for the information Catherine!

      YAY for you and going back to school too, how empowering! Thank you for taking time out of your day to read and comment on my blog. You rock! I am feel even more empowered! THANK YOU

  4. My condolences to you, iknow this time must be tough. I do admire your courage though to commit to something positive and not let your grief hold you back… not many people can reach that point…ever… so do take a moment to understand that . This is showing very great strength from you. I do hope school goes very well for you…don’t worry about your 10 year break from the academic world… you seem like a smart cookie so you will do fine!

  5. Purnimodo says:

    I was looking for your art works. Have you posted any? Would love to have a peek! 🙂

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