Random Thought

All of the unhealthy fears in my life I make come true to do my thinking….Perhaps not to the full extent but it becomes a reality because of the cycle that turns over in my head…Like a roller-coaster seated with people, events, fears and worries. Instead these passengers need to be  dropped off and said good-bye to.

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15 Responses to Random Thought

  1. Mia says:

    When I was plagued by such random thoughts, I found it helpful to compare my thoughts to our God’s truth. If what I thought was not true, I knew it was from the father of all lies, Satan, and I then gave them to our Lord Jesus and asked Him to destroy those lies … and He did. It might help you!
    Hugs XX

  2. kotaotan says:

    The first thing to do is recognize those thoughts. The second thing to do is try to stop thinking them. It’s difficult, sometimes it seems impossible, but you CAN do it. Remember, those thoughts are clouds in front of the sun. They aren’t the real sky.

  3. Grainne says:

    How nice, to see it like that, to watch your fears depart, one by one, like passengers on a coaster car. 🙂

  4. Terribly Sorry says:

    I know… that feeling. it’s like… i know i’m thinking something wrong, but i can’t stop thinking of it that way, and then it builds up, and i get really frightened that i’m deluding myself, and i think that the mind is so vulnerable, and i wonder if i’ve got everything wrong… you’ve put it down perfectly in your words.

  5. so much easier said then done though xo

  6. Sharzhaven says:

    Did you find the nearest depot and drop them off? Been here, done this too. At that rate, you could turn into your own worst enemy. Optimistic thoughts, positive surroundings can help drive that bus for you making it easier to drop those unwanted passengers off.

  7. Too true, though not always so easy to do.

  8. yen says:

    The saying good bye part isn’t easy on everyone. But it’s a healthy choice. =)

    • I think so…I was thinking today about saying goodbye and at some point we say goodbye to everything…to some degree.

      Thank you for reading my blog friend, have a wonderful holiday week!

  9. snipewife says:

    very wise and eloquently put. It is a step. Keep taking them. Remember to fill the seats with positive ones or else the bad will just come back.

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