Grandparents are very special people. My granddad- father’s father- is now becoming my best friend.  My father was like him in someways but for the most part he is just a cute old man, my granddad.

My grandfather, who lives in Colorado, had been my best friend since I met him in 2000. He knows more about me and cares more about me than any person ever has. He is and always will be my best friend. I call my grandparents in Colorado every two or three days; I love when my grandmother picks up but when it’s my grandpa my heart melts. He is the cutest old man I have ever seen. When they pass a huge part of me will go. Being around the elderly more with my job has opened my eyes to the reality of their age. My grandma is 74 and grandpa, 75. They are very active and doing well, I miss them so much. My grandpa in Colorado will always be my first dad. I never was a “daddy’s girl” growing up and I wanted to be so badly and when I met my grandpa at 16, I nearly instantly became a “grandpa’s girl” and I will always be!

My granddad has decided to make me a study to sleep in. I will be staying with him on Monday and Wed nights when I start school. School is an hour and a half away from my house and I will be getting out of class at 10 p.m. and seeing that I have to be back there at 11 a.m. the next morning, staying with my granddad works out in many ways. I feel home when I am with my granddad, I feel loved unconditionally and feel that he truly wants well for me. His wife is amazing, she is 20 years younger than he is so she keeps him young. I was shocked when I found out he is 73-years-old, I thought he was just 60.

I am so thankful I have my grandpa and granddad. The earth had been good to me.

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8 Responses to Grandparents

  1. Seasweetie says:

    Grandparents are wonderful, as are gratitudes. Blessings to you in 2013.

  2. Pen says:

    How lovely. My paternal grandparents live back in my hometown of Chicago (8+ hours from where I am) and I miss them dearly every day. Thanks for sharing something so wonderful.

    I think I’ll give mine a call tonight 🙂

  3. Mia says:

    I am somglad for you! It is so necessary to have at least Grandparents that show you God’s love.
    Much love xx

  4. kotaotan says:

    Cherish them. I lost all my grandfolks, but was lucky enough to finally meet my mom’s real dad a few years before he passed away. He was a great guy and a hoot.

  5. Alot of people take their grandparents for granted so its a beautiful thing that you know them and cherish them and love them. Give them an extra hug when you see them!

  6. Teresa Cleveland Wendel says:

    What a gift you’ve been given. I lived with my grandma before I married, and that was one of the best years of my life.
    Wishing you many happy years with your grandparents.

  7. that’s truly a gift. 🙂

  8. Dave says:

    What a wonderful post. I could feel the love you have for your grandfather in your words, and it made me happy to see someone genuinely care so much for a grandparent. My grandparents have been gone for many years now, and because of unfortunate family circumstances, I never knew any of them. It saddens me deeply, and to this day, I don’t really understand why things worked out the way they did. And to this day I wish I could undo all that was lost.

    Reading your post made me think of my own granddaughter who just turned two years old. I can only hope that we have a special relationship like you do with your grandfather. You are blessed.

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