I believe in love

Yesterday I did not believe in love; I pitied myself alone and then came to the realization that I can be alone…be, just be.

Today I have thought deeply on the subject and feel as tho I am on a journey alone right now as it should be, I don’t need a companion right now. This is the year of my best-friend, me.

I believe in love, I am young and I have time in life…right now I is be time for me.

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12 Responses to I believe in love

  1. I think this is great. Love yourself and then your love will know no bounds. Sending you much support and love! Happy New Year 😀

  2. Teresa Cleveland Wendel says:

    If you want to meet people who you can like (or love), you need to become involved with the things you love. Like you said, love yourself.
    Great thoughts! Thanks.

  3. Seasweetie says:

    Good for you! Blessings to you next year – I hope you continue to share your journey with us all.

  4. I wish you a very happy and fruitful year. Learning to love ourselves is the most important life lesson of all. I wish you well in your journey of self discovery.

  5. ShamimRazaq says:

    I agree with the comments, being yourself is the best thing you can do for yourself, everything else will fit into place with time. Happy new year.

  6. ladysighs says:

    Any age is a time to believe in love. One need not be young or old. Be open to it, accept it and return it.

  7. RubyTuesday says:

    What a lovely post. I’m glad to have found your blog there is so much I’d like to say to you on some of your posts but I don’t always have the words, I’m sorry to read of what you’ve gone through and hopefully a comment on this post will answer your current blog about who you are and why you’re here – you’re you and here to be you x

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