First Of All- To Sadness

First of all- Happy New Year to sadness, perhaps melancholy will become your friend and then on to joy.


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10 Responses to First Of All- To Sadness

  1. You know the saying its the calm before the storm? When I always believe the opposite. The calm after the storm. We have to brave through the turbulence to see the rainbow at the end.

  2. sending safe hugs your way. xo

  3. its a long process sweety, don’t let it bother you if you take your time. we all heal at different times, at different paces, and in different ways. I hope this new year brings you much peace and focus on remembering the good times, smiling inside!

  4. amcii777 says:

    The best to you and congratulations on every moment of persistence in your not drinking. I hold high regards for such control and discipline. I know it is not easy. As one who also not-to-long-ago lost my father, I wish you the best in your days ahead. Promise: It gets easier and so much will come to light internally. It is a new Becoming in our lives, though I empathize heavily with how hard emotionally it is. It helped me start a new chapter in my life in my personal growth and understanding of who I was without parents to turn to for the problems encountered in everyday life. It can be a maturing process even through the mourning. Thank you for following my posts. I have not really begun any write-ups of mentionable quality as of yet. I have this blog reserved for work I plan to accomplish with my future writing endeavors. I am looking for work in writing blogs for the web. If you happen to run across any information in this regard, please tack a comment on a post.

    • Hi amcii, I am sorry for the lost of your father, I wish the best for you too friend. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, I do enjoy yours. If I come across anything I will let you know…in the meantime take care of yourself and have a wonderful new year!

  5. Ravemore says:

    My thoughts are with you Sister… hang in there.

  6. mtnslamgrass says:

    Yes, it is a New Year. But after that, what? Happiness seems like the dim glow of a faint star millions of light years away

  7. akosimoksi says:

    Always have Hope and have Faith . Everything that comes dark in your way will pass just like a storm. Happy New Year ! :))

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