You know when you have pneumonia and it feels like an elephant is sitting on your chest, that’s the best way for me to describe the rheumatoid arthritis; I feel like an elephant is sitting on every joint in my body.  Today I am having a very bad arthritis attack.

I hate calling out of work but I did. I told my boss that I am having an RA attack and wont be able take care of a geriatric client of ours.  I will have to lift the elderly woman to use the bathroom and right now I feel like I may need help moving let alone me helping another move around.

There are days when I feel great, I can move about freely with little aches and pains; today is not one of those days. Last night I went to see the Blue Man Group with my granddad, it was wonderful but by the end I knew I would be hurting from the chairs.

I use to be a runner, sometimes when I see people run I feel sad. That thought is fleeting, I do not hold on to it. My next thought is always, how can I get back to that body without all the strenuous exercise like running? I have read that 80 percent of losing weight is what we put in our bodies….time to crack down on what I eat.

There have been very few days I have felt this badly here in Alabama, Colorado was much worse to me in that regard. The barometric pressure plays a huge role in my day to day living.

Today is a “bed” day. Luckily I have a ton of homework to work on so I will be busy.




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12 Responses to RA

  1. Hope you feel better soon…I have some arthritis but not RA and I know that it is so much worse…take care Diane

  2. Hope you feel better soon! I saw the Blue man group years ago during a trip to NYC. I loved them.

  3. i’m sorry you’re hurting, i hope you feel better soon. xo

  4. Grndma Chris says:

    You poor thing, be careful with the exercise thing, you don’t want to set yourself back. My mom has it and I feel so powerless when she’s having her attacks. She’s been taking methotrexate (it’s a low dose chemo drug), she takes a small amount and it’s been 5 months and she has some relief. I feel so bad for you.

  5. Biblis Vox says:

    A very good friend of mine suffered from severe RA as well. About fifteen years ago she went on a specific diet under the advice of an expert and also started belly dancing (I know!). It worked wonders – she’s extremely fit and flexible and rarely suffers from RA attacks anymore. She was also able to earn quite a lot of money teaching belly dancing after she became really good a it. Probably wouldn’t work for everyone, but could be worth checking out some of the RA diet tips online, or talking to a nutritional expert – and maybe trying something low impact but strength building to take pressure off your joints like pilates or yoga (which might also help with anxiety and stress), or belly dancing 🙂

  6. I know what you mean! I was diagnosed with Lupus 3 years ago. It is debilitating.

    Hope you are getting over the hump soon and can find some relief!


  7. lcmitsu says:

    I have severe fibromyalgia so sadly i know what a downer pain is. Prayers going up for you.

  8. I discovered my RA was basically caused by my asthma medicine, I took spiriva daily for a time, and now I suffer greatly. My hips have reduced my hiking to nill, my fingers deformed, etc., the pain trying to sleep is the worst. I can’t do yoga, cause my hip screams. But I have found some relief, i was a lifeguard for years and swimming is a great way to lose weight. No impact. But it can be cold if you don’t work out hard, but a jacuzzi is the BOMB! lol If you have access, get in one, the heat is remarkable for taking away the pain. also, eat Black Cherries. they have 5 times the good vitamins and nutrients that blue berries and other fruits do…they are the real super fruit. And even if you already have it, they will help to slow it down. and sometimes, prayer helps too… 🙂

  9. I’m so sorry you are going through this. Pain can be so difficult to live with. I hope you have a speedy recovery.

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